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A direct quote from my wife, of which I will be happy to answer a little later, but first, let me start things
off the right foot with the obligatory and proper website introduction. So let’s do this again…

Hey everyone! Welcome to Independent Film Production Studio First, thank you so much for visiting the website. This site, is a window into what creative concoctions that I could whip up through out the years and what has either become of them or what will become of them. It’s a journey that means a great deal to illustrate my contributions to the art world. My background is highly nontraditional. I didn’t go to an art school, I didn’t go to school to study theatre and/or film. In fact, my degree is in Social Science (whatever the hell that means). I’m not one of those ultra-cool people that wear a retro tweet jacket, with a turtle neck while rocking the award winning movember beard while drinking a shimmery Carmel crème brulee iced bubbly Frappuccino latte and discuss the differences between the work and writings of Samuel Beckett and Oscar Wilde with other artist.


Nope. I just love this shit. I love creating, writing, collaborating and seeing the work, of any group that I work with, come to life. That is what gets me high (among other natural

Art has always been a staple in my life for as long as I remember. My mother (Val Profit) created her theatre company in 1998 and named it “Powerhouse Productions”, based in Schaumburg, IL. The Village of Schaumburg has commissioned Powerhouse Productions to be the platform of which the town celebrates Black History Month. Every year at the Prairie Center for the Arts, Powerhouse will put on an original show that celebrates Black History, every February. I have been involved with the productions every year in every capacity that you can think of. From emceeing, to marketing, to acting, to stage managing, to being an usher, if it was needed to be done she got my butt working. It wasn’t until 2010 when she needed a show for the 2011 season (due to our director at the time backing out). Since I had some pieces that I was independently working on and I saw this as a pretty sweet opportunity, I thought to myself “what the hell, why not?” So I volunteered…

That is when my desire for being a creative director rolled over into an obsession of being a creative director.

For the next few years, I would find myself not just limiting myself to Powerhouse, but creating my own shows at various theatres to continue this passion. The problem was for some reason theatres in Chicago did not want to bring me on to their teams to work with them, even though I had an abundance of ideas and endless dedication/loyalty. But for one reason or the other, I was never “the right fit” for them. Instead of being down about it, watching a 1980’s John Cusack movie, listening to some Frank Ocean and crying my eyes out into a bowl of a mixed of Pretzels, white cheddar cheezits, BBQ flavored Fritos and flaming hots (very good and very slept on snack mix BTW. Thank me Later), it lifted my head up, dusted myself off and kept it moving. I said to myself, “Self…you don’t need anyone to validate you, except for one person…YOU. Instead of asking them permission to let you shine and be as great as you can be, how about you just SHINE AND BE AS GREAT AS YOU CAN BE!”

This is the birth of B-Side Productions. Why “B-Side” you ask? I’ll tell you.

If you’re old school and unmillenialized (I don’t think that’s a word, but guess what, it is now) like me, you remember when our music used to come on cassette tapes. Now if you were as broke as I was (well…still am) you didn’t have money for the entire album, but you had a few bucks to purchase the cassette single.

Now, the singles would be a tape that would only be the top song from the entire album. Usually singles would have the song itself, the instrumental, maybe a remix and something else. At most a single would have 2-4 tracks on it total. Now while you’re jamming (me showing my age again, since I used the word “Jamming”) out to the main song on the A-side of the tape, when you flipped the tape over you would find another song on the back that was not as popular or known as the main track on side A. The song would not be on the radio, usually this song would have a harder beat to it and more cursing than normal, but one thing was for sure that track on the B-Side would be AMAZING!

So just because it was not on the front lines of being the media darling song, it was still a GREAT track that wasn’t too known, until the customer went to the B-Side. That is what we are. We are that undiscovered song, while we may not be as popular as what you may see downtown or on television, when you look our way we’re going to kick your ass with FIRE content!